EEAE performs numerous inspections as to the radiation emission provisions which fall under its regulatory competence all over Greece. Such inspections are:
• scheduled, namely they are conducted within the framework of the licensing procedure (issuance of an initial license or renewal of license, equipment upgrade, rechecks) or after a related request, or
• "extraordinary", namely they are conducted at any time in order to verify the implementation of the radiological safety and radiation protection program.

In both cases, the inspections are either "announced" or "unannounced", applying different control protocols.

Medical laboratories

The inspections at medical laboratories are either scheduled or "extraordinary". Both types of inspections are aiming at ensuring radiation protection.

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Non ionizing radiation applications

EEAE has the statutory responsibility for the protection of the general public and the environment against artificially produced non-ionizing radiation and provides relevant information to any interested party. 

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Scrap metal import/export

In Greece, measures are taken for the protection of employees, the population and the environment against a potential radiological pollution from old iron ore (scrap). 
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