Any practice related to radiation emitted either by natural or by artificial sources preconditions the issuance of a special license. Aiming at implementing the related provisions of the Radiation Protection Regulations on the regulatory control for the use of radiation and radioactive sources, all issued licenses may be classified into two broad categories:
a. the licenses related to the facilities where radiation systems are installed
b. the licenses related to the use of radioactive sources.

Since late 2014, EEAE has been the licensing authority for radiation medical laboratories (Law no. 4310/2014). This evolution, in compliance with international practices, contributes to an integrated approach to the regulatory framework for radiation safety and the optimization of the radiation protection mechanism in Greece.

By activating one-stop shop licensing services, EEAE aims at simplifying and rationalizing the licensing procedure for radiation laboratories, mostly focusing on reducing the time required for processing the applications for the issuance, renewal or amendment of the special operation licenses. The average time for EEAE to complete the licensing procedures of radiotherapy laboratories, nuclear medicine laboratories and radiology laboratories is expected to be 30, 40 and 60 days respectively.

Through its website, EEAE provides professionals with the ability to electronically submit the supporting documents required for laboratory licensing, as well as to enjoy other e-services, such as the submission of information data on diagnostic and treatment radiation practices for statistics purposes, the information on the radiation doses that thousands of employees related to ionizing radiation are exposed to, etc.

Except for the feasibility license which is issued by the competent Region, all other forms of licenses are issued by EEAE (Law no. 4310/2014).

You are encouraged to contact EEAE for licensing issues for medical radiation laboratories at You may also electronically apply for licensing or submit the required supporting documents at the same email address.

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