Studies on radiation emissions -expert opinions

EEAE reviews the technical studies on radiation emissions of antennas, which are submitted by the antenna owners and issues its expert opinion as to their compliance with the safety exposure limits for each installation (a precondition for the licensing of antenna stations).

Studies on radiation emissions include architectural and topographic designs of each antenna station, as well as technical specifications on the operation of the antennas configurations of the station. These studies estimate the  emitted electromagnetic field levels from the base station antennas to nearby areas that are accessible by the public and compare these levels with the established limits. 

In addition, the presence of any adjacent antenna station closer than 50m from the base station under consideration, is also taken into account. The studies on radiation emissions are based on a technical template issued by EEAE, which adopts strict assumptions for calculating the intensity of the emitted electromagnetic radiation to the environment. Such adverse assumptions always lead to an overestimation of the areas around the antennas where the established reference levels values may be exceeded.

As soon a study is reviewed, EEAE sends its expert opinion to the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, which issues the licenses for antenna installations.


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