Regulatory field

The use of radiation in Greece, as in all contemporary societies, is extended, in medical applications of diagnosis and treatment, industry, telecommunications, scientific research, etc.

The number and the type of radiation facilities and systems operating in the country are presented in the following table.

Table: Number of radiation facilities (2015)

Radiology  1157
Nuclear medicine  176
Teletherapy (linear accelerators)  25
Teletherapy  60Co   7
Brachytherapy (HDR/LDR and seeds 125Ι)  16
Radiotherapy x-ray  1
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)  266
Research  192
Industrial units with radiation systems and sources  332
Blood irradiators  13
Isotopes production unit  1
Sterilization unit  1
Veterinary laboratories with x-ray systems(*)  279
Dental laboratories with x-ray systems(*)  7493
Special facilities:  
- Research Nuclear Reactor  1
- Tandem Accelerator  1
- Interim storage of radioactive sources and waste facility  1

 (*) number of dental and veterinary laboratories that have been integrated in the licensing procedure and registered in the EEAE database.

Regarding the facilities of non ionizing radiation, EEAE inspection work concerns more than 10.000 mobile phone base stations, electric power transport lines and substations, TV and radio stations antennas, radar and satelite earth stations. A detailed recording of the electromagnetic radiation measurements in the mobile phone base stations (several thousands) performed throughout the country is available at 

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