IRRS mission 2012

The members of the international review team with their Greek counterparts

In 2012, the national regulatory framework of radiation protection and nuclear safety, as well as EEAE as the competent regulatory authority, were subject to an international peer review. The review included:

1. the self-assessment of the regulatory authority and of the regulatory framework by the use of the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) developed by IAEA; a great volume of documents was produced and a great amount of legislative documents was collected and translated at the same time.

2. the visit of a group of 14 experts from 20 to 30 May 2012; during that period, the group of experts had the opportunity (a) to interview EEAE personnel, (b) to observe an emergency response exercise involving other organizations, such as the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Police, the Fire brigade, the Hellenic National Centre of Emergency Care - EKAB, (c) to visit licensed radiation facilities (hospitals, industries etc.) and (d) to meet with representatives of the Government and of bodies cooperating with EEAE.

The experts noted good practices in the country’s regulatory system and also identified issues for improvement. The findings of the mission (recommendations, suggestions, good practices) are to a large extent the same to the findings of the self-assessment conducted by EEAE.

The recommendations concerned mainly:

  • the need to establish an integrated national policy and strategy as the basis of future actions;
  • the need to revise the Radiation Protection Regulations towards an updated, flexible legal framework;
  • the development and implementation of an integrated management system for EEAE;
  • the clear assignment of responsibilities to the persons and bodies subject to the radiation and nuclear safety regulatory framework.

As strengths were identified:

  • the strong commitment and participation of the country to the global safety regime;
  • the strong commitment to education and training in radiation protection;
  • the environmental radioactivity monitoring system and the monitoring system for the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials;
  • the independence of EEAE as a regulatory body;
  • the National Radiation Protection Database of EEAE. 

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