Who we are

The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) is the national regulatory authority, competent for the control, regulation and supervision in the fields of nuclear energy, nuclear technology, radiological and nuclear safety and radiation protection. EEAE is supervised by the Minister of Development and Investments. 

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Our mission, our vision and our values

The mission, the vision and the values embraced by EEAE determine the decisions made by its management and guide its personnel when exercising their duties.

We work on a daily basis to ensure safety, always abiding by and applying the legislative framework, the rules of operation established for public organizations and EEAE values.

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Our history

EEAE story goes back to 1954, when for the first time was founded in Greece an organization competent to promote peaceful nuclear energy and technology applications, under the name "Greek Atomic Energy Commission”.

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Contribution to economy and society

Our contribution to the economy and society is substantial and multifaceted; the operation and regulatory work of EEAE relates to a wide range of individuals, institutions and financial activities.

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Safety is our priority!

Safety is our priority at all levels of decision-making and exercise of functions. We systematically seek to strengthen safety culture, both within EEAE and in the installations falling under its regulatory control. 

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