Contribution to economy and society

Contribution to economy and society

Our contribution to the economy and society is substantial and multifaceted; the operation and regulatory work of EEAE relates to a wide range of individuals, institutions and financial activities.
The list of stakeholders and individuals, which EEAE activities relate to, includes the following:
• workers occupationally exposed to radiation - more than 11,000 workers in our country;
• persons medically exposed to radiation (diagnosis, treatment);
• more than 100 enterprises and companies in the industry, trade and services;
• local authorities;
• education and training institutions;
• authorities involved in the protection of the environment, public health and in civil protection plans;
• embassies and permanent representations to international organizations.

The mission of EEAE has a social orientation, with reference to the general population,the workers and the environment. 

For example, in cases of pregnant women undergoing medical examinations with radiation, either because of health problems or because they do not know they are pregnant, dominates the fear of the radiation to affect the foetus and the question for the necessity of abortion. In such cases, EEAE calculates the radiation dose to the foetus, the chances for stochastic effects and tissue reactions, as well as the chances of defects and changes in the IQ index. The investigation by EEAE practically means saving fetuses from unjustifiable termination of pregnancy.



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