Our mission, our vision and our values

The mission, the vision and the values embraced by EEAE determine the decisions made by its management and guide its personnel when exercising their duties.

We work on a daily basis to ensure safety, always abiding by and applying the legislative framework, the rules of operation established for public organizations and EEAE values.


Mission. The protection of the public, the occupationally exposed workers and the environment from ionizing and artificially produced non-ionizing radiation.

Vision. To operate as a modern regulatory authority, in the fields of radiation protection and radiological and nuclear safety, enjoying trust and recognition at national and international level, and as a model public service fulfilling its tasks responsibly.


Integrity and impartiality. We make decisions based on objective criteria and we recognize our individual responsibility towards serving the public interest.
Competence. We ensure to hold expertise and we avail ourselves with opportunities of continuous scientific training.
Quality and Reliability. We provide highly specialized accredited services, in compliance with international and european standards.
Transparency. We disclose information resulting from the performance of regulatory control related to public health and environment protection, as well as information related to the EEAE’s operation.
Social Responsibility. We are aware of our responsibility towards the society.
Excellence. We aspire to be a point of reference in the fields of radiological protection and nuclear safety.
Openness. We are seeking the development of relations and exchange of knowledge with other relevant bodies at national and international level.

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