Safety is our priority!

Safety is our priority at all levels of decision-making and exercise of functions. We systematically seek to strengthen safety culture, both within EEAE and in the installations falling under its regulatory control. The promotion of safety culture is the responsibility of EEAE organization, management and employees.

The term "safety culture" encompasses a combination of characteristics and behaviors, embraced both by organizations and individuals and ensures that safety prevails over any other issue. In practice, safety culture is based on two pillars: on the one hand, the framework governing the practices of an organization and on the other hand on the employees' positive response. Thus, we clearly identify the responsibility of an organization's management to establish a framework which shall promote safety culture, as well as employees' responsibility to properly adopt the corresponding behaviors.
In the case of regulatory authorities and facilities where radiation is used, this general framework is further specialized as to:

• personal knowledge and recognition of the importance of safety
• personnel's skills derived as a result of training and guidance
• commitment by all administrative levels to a joint goal: safety
• motivation through administrative practices (rewards, penalties, etc).
• supervision including assessment and review procedures
• allocation of responsibilities through the official delegation of duties, job descriptions and perception of roles by the employees.

Safety culture within EEAE is tiered at two interconnected levels: (a) its internal structure and b) the installations where radiation is used.

In EEAE internal structure, the applied management system may be used as a tool to reinforce safety culture, given that:
• it ensures a common basis of core safety culture parameters to be shared within the organization
• it provides the means which enable EEAE and its employees to safely exercise their duties
• it enhances behaviors for ongoing learning at all levels of the organization
• it provides means for safety culture improvement.