EEAE responsibilities include:

  • Regulatory – legislative work;
  • Inspections for radiation protection and safe operation; issuance of special operating licenses for approximately 2500 ionizing radiation laboratories or/and licensing thereof;
  • In situ measurements of electric and magnetic fileds emitted by electric power installations (power lines, transformers etc), and of electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of antenna base stations. Review of technical studies of electromagnetic emissions and/or environmental studies submitted by providers (>10000), in the context of the Greek licensing legislation;
  • Personal dosimetry of the occupationally exposed workers to ionizing radiation in Greece (approximately 11,500 individuals) and update of the national dose registry;
  • Coordination of the environmental radioactivity monitoring program in Greece, operation of the telemetric environmental monitoring network, conduction of spectroscopic analyses in food and consumer goods and radon measurements;
  • Operation of an ionizing radiation calibration laboratory, which has developed the national dosimetry standards and provides calibration services of ionizing radiation devices;
  • Preparation of and response to radiological/nuclear emergencies;
  • Contribution to combating illicit trafficking in radioactive materials;
  • Training in radioprotection and nuclear protection at national and international level;
  • Update of the national data base related to radioprotection issues;
  • Representation before – participation in committees of national, European and international organizations;
  • Participation in European and national research and development programs;
  • Public information.


Provision of services
Education & training



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