Education and training

Education, training and safety culture are the cornerstones for establishing an effective and sustainable radiation protection system.

The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) is the national competent authority for radiation and nuclear safety and security, as well as for the protection of the public, workers and the environment from ionizing and artificially produced non-ionizing radiation. Within this framework EEAE, among its other activities, provides and ensures:
• the education and training of occupationally exposed workers in the fields where ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is used (e.g. medicine, industry, research, telecommunications etc.);
• the enhancement of safety culture in the country.

In order to fulfill its role and to cover all the identified educational and training needs, EEAE implements actions:
--- at national level
• being a participant and a major contributor to the Inter-University Post-Graduate Course on Medical Radiation Physics;
• developing and providing training courses on radiation protection, addressed to the needs of the different categories of occupationally exposed workers and
• organizing and/or participating in workshops concerning the safe use of ionizing radiation.

--- at regional and international level, fulfilling its role as IAEA's Regional Training Centre (RTC) in Europe in the English language.

EEAE has established communication and collaboration channels with national and international educational and research organizations and with professional associations. Its educational role:
• is fully supported by its experienced scientific personnel, its state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and supplementarily by the collaborative educational and research centers;
• is recognized internationally. This is confirmed by the fact that EEAE was recognized by the IAEA as a RTC in the fields of radiation protection and nuclear security and by the fact that its staff are being invited to participate in international working groups and policy making committees in the field of education and training (e.g. IAEA’s steering committee on E&T, IAEA missions, Task Force on E&T of the HERCA).

In order to ensure a continuous improvement in the quality of the learning services provided and for optimizing the available resources, EEAE has developed and implements a  quality management system for the design, development and provision of services of non-formal education and training based on ISO 29993:2017 standard


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