Scrap metal import/export

In Greece, measures are taken for the protection of employees, the population and the environment against a potential radiological pollution from old scrap metals. More specifically, old scrap metal loads may enter Greece only if they are accompanied by a measurement certificate issued from their country of exportation. Based on the measurements quoted at such a certificate and given that the same has been issued by an authorized body, EEAE issues an import certificate. If necessary, EEAE may perform additional in situ measurements.
By virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision no. 11592 (FOR) 1125 on the "compulsory installation and use of equipment for the detection of radioactive materials at iron ore and the illicit import thereof", radiation detectors have to be installed at the entrance of recycling industries, which check each incoming load. All Greek industries have adopted the aforementioned Joint Ministerial Decision.
In the event that a detector installed at an industry entrance identifies radioactive pollution at a scrap load, EEAE is immediately notified. Then, EEAE will send its qualified personnel of an in situ inspection and identification of the radio-polluted object. In all the cases that radiation has been detected at the entrance of iron ore recycling industries, the radioactive pollution was isolated without any risk emerging for employees, the population or the environment.
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