Following an announcement of October 9th about the detection of small amounts of radioactivity (ruthenium-106) in the atmosphere of the country, EEAE announces that in the period 5 to 11 October 2017 the detected radioactivity was almost eliminated, with concentrations around or below the detection limit of the measurements (<0.2 mBq/m3).

These concentrations do not pose any risk to health or the environment.

The source of the Ru-106 is not located in the Greek territory and remains unknown.


  1. The radioactivity levels in the air of the country are systematically monitored through the national telemetric network, which operates since 2000. The measurements results are available at EEAE website; access to the monitoring results of other European countries is also available to the public through the European network EURDEP.
  2. In the framework of the environmental radioactivity monitoring and in accordance with the national emergency response plans, EEAE is assisted by a Network of Collaborating Laboratories.