Following a verification visit under Article 35 of Euratom Treaty, conducted in Greece on 20-25 October 2012 by an EC experts team, the EC main conclusions and the relevant technical report are now available. According to Article 35, member states are required to have in place infrastructure for the environmental radioactivity monitoring in air, water and soil.

The 2012 verification focused in Northern Greece and concerned:
a. the infrastructure for radioactivity monitoring in air: telemetric stations used for total gamma radiation measurements and stations used for aerosol measurements;
b. the collaborating laboratories of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Nuclear Technology Laboratory, Nuclear Physics Laboratory) in terms of the facilities and measurements performed in the frame of the national radiation emergency response plans;
c. places where materials with increased levels of natural radioactivity (phosphogupsum) are deposited;
d. the Evzonoi customs office, where detection systems for combating illicit trafficking of radioactive material are installed.

Click to see the verification main conclusions and the technical report.

The previous verification was conducted in 2005. Click to see the verification report of the year 2005.