An Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission was conducted in Greece from 20 to 30 May 2012.  During the 11-day mission an international team of senior nuclear safety and radiation protection experts reviewed the regulatory system for nuclear and radiation safety in Greece, including both the national legislative framework and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE), as the competent regulatory authority.

The IRRS mission was arranged on a voluntary basis. Meanwhile, according to the latest EC Directives, member states shall invite international peer reviews of relevant segments of their national framework/ authorities with the aim of continuously improving nuclear safety. Greece is the first non-nuclear EU member state that hosted an IRRS mission.

A summary of the main findings can be found in the press releases issued by IAEA and EEAE:

IAEA press release on IRRS mission in Greece (available only in Greek language) 

The full report is available here.