Main findings and conclusions from inspections conducted in 2019

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EEAE publishes the outline of the inspection programme for ionizing radiation practices and the main findings from their implementation in 2019, in line with the provisions of the new radiation protection regulations stipulating the annual publication of this type of data.

The report with the main findings and conclusions from inspections conducted in 2019 (available only in Greek language) includes details about the undertakings, the inspections programme for ionizing radiation practices, statistics and findings.

The total number of inspected organizations during the year 2019 was 311. The extraordinary inspections were 22 (7% of the total number of inspections), while 40 inspections were conducted without prior notice (13% of the total number of inspections). 

The main conclusion is that the undertakings ensure satisfactorily the radiation protection of the workers, the public, the patients and the environment. Enforcement procedure was initiated in two cases of non-compliance.

ΕΕΑΕ conducts radiation protection inspections, based on graded approach, in order to verify the compliance with the regulatory requirements.