The Individual Monitoring of Ionizing Radiation Conference aims to bring together scientists from regulatory authorities, individual monitoring services, research bodies, European networks and companies, for the purpose of facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, exchanging experiences and promoting new ideas in the field of individual monitoring. Therefore it presents a unique opportunity to keep up to date with the scientific and technological knowledge gained at European level by experts on individual monitoring. The conference will be organized by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, under the auspices of the European Commission and in co-operation with IAEA and EURADOS.

The main goal of the conference is assist progress towards the harmonization of practices in individual monitoring across Europe, with the aim of the mutual recognition of the results of dose assessments. The programme consists of oral and poster sessions of contributed papers. Invited lectures will be given by eminent speakers.

  • Implications of the forthcoming EU Council Directive and IAEA BSS
  • New technical recommendations for monitoring individuals occupationally exposed to external radiation
  • Intercomparisons and performance/type tests
  • Harmonization actions of individual monitoring
  • Operational requirements for active personal dosemeters
  • Quality assurance
  • Particular applications of individual monitoring (e.g.: medical applications, radiological emergency)
  • Improvements for external and internal dose assessment
  • Uncertainties in dose assessment
  • Environmental dosimetry for individual dose evaluation (e.g. Rn, aircrew, NORM)
  • Radiation field characterization for individual dose assessment

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