The members of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) unanimously decided to designate Christos Housiadas, EEAE Chairman, as new Vice Chairperson of ENSREG for the period 2015-2017. At the same time, Mr. Housiadas will be the Chairperson of the one of the four working groups operating under ENSREG, more specifically of the Working Group on Transparency.

Through ENSREG, EEAE actively participates in the joint European effort to strengthen and continuously improve transparency in the field of nuclear safety. EEAE intends to contribute effectively to the European nuclear safety regime, following up the effort undertaken during the Greek Presidency of 2014, when the agreement on the new European nuclear safety Directive was achieved.

The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group is an independent, authoritative expert body, created in 2007 following a decision of the European Commission. It is composed of senior officials from the national nuclear safety, radioactive waste safety or radiation protection regulatory authorities from all 28 Member States in the European Union and representatives of the European Commission. ENSREG's role is to help to establish the conditions for continuous improvement and to reach a common understanding in the areas of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. The Chair of ENSREG is commonly assigned to a nuclear member state, while one of the two Vice-Chairs to a non-nuclear member state.

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The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) is the competent regulatory authority for the control, regulation and supervision of nuclear energy, nuclear technology, radiological, nuclear safety and radiation protection. Its mission is to protect the population, workers and the environment from ionizing and artificially produced non-ionizing radiation.