European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management (EURAD)

TThe European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management (EURAD) aims to the development of a robust and sustained science, technology and knowledge management programme that supports timely implementation of radioactive waste management (RWM) activities and serves to foster mutual understanding and trust between Joint Programme participants.

he Joint Programme is structured in 13 Working Packages (WPs) aiming to generate and manage knowledge to support Member States with the implementation of the Directive 2011/70/Euratom (Waste Directive), taking into account the different magnitudes and stages of advancement of Member States National Programmes. Support to Member-States in developing and implementing their national R&D programmes for the safe long-term management of their full range of different types of radioactive waste will be provided by:
• consolidating existing knowledge for the safe start of operation of the first geological disposal facilities for spent fuel, high-level waste, and other long-lived radioactive waste, and supporting optimization linked with the stepwise implementation of geological disposal; and
• enhancing knowledge management and transfer between organisations, Member-States and generations.

EEAE participates in the WP9 "Waste management routes in Europe from cradle to grave" (ROUTES). WP9 objectives are:
• to provide an opportunity to share experience and knowledge on waste management routes between interested organisations (from different countries, with programmes at different stages of development, with different amounts and types of radioactive waste to manage),
• to identify safety-relevant issues and their R&D needs associated with the waste management routes (cradle to grave), including the management routes of legacy and historical waste, considering interdependencies between the routes,
• to describe and compare the different approaches to characterisation, treatment and conditioning and to long-term waste management routes, and identify opportunities for collaboration between Member-States.
51 organizations from 21 countries participate in WP9.

The total EURAD budget is 59.9 M€, mostly funded by the EC (Euratom Research and Training Programme, 2014?2018).

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