Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters (DOSEtrace), EMPIR EURAMET, 2018-2021

The research project "Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters" (DOSEtrace) is funded by the European Commission and aims at the optimization of measurements in the field of radiation protection. The optimization relates to the equipment used and the procedures for measuring and evaluating the doses to humans and the environment.

The purpose of the project is to establish and harmonize calibration procedures in the field of radiation protection, so that the calibration uncertainty does not exceed 5%. Emphasis is given to the dosimetric standards used in external irradiation and to the sub-standards used in eye lens dosimetry.

13 European organizations participate in the project. National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) are expected to form a strategy for further development of metrology in the field of radiation protection. Through the discussion within EURAMET community, a coordinated and optimized approach to radiation protection is pursued.

The project is structured in 6 work packages, divided into a total of 16 sub-tasks. EEAE participates in the majority of tasks, while it coordinates the actions "Preparation of individual strategies for long-term operation of capacities" and "Preparation of a radiation protection dosimetry strategy report responding to future challenges".

The DOSEtrace project is funded through the EURAMET EMPIR research platform. The total budget is € 406,631 and its implementation period is three years (2018-2021).