The implementation of the management of the radioactive waste in the country is carried out by a number of bodies, involved in decision making, as well as in technical aspects of the national programme for waste management.

The bodies involved are the following: 

  • The competent Minister. The Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation has the ultimate responsibility for the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, as well as to supplement, extend, maintain and implement the existing national programme and national policy.
  • The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE), as regulatory authority. 
  • The National Committee for Radioactive Waste Management (EEDRA). EEDRA is a collegiate body with advisory and supportive role towards the competent Minister on the implementation of the practical aspects of the national policy and national framework and on the coordination of the bodies involved in spent fuel and radioactive waste management. 
  • The license holders of the facilities where radioactive waste management/handling takes place. 
  • The generator of radioactive waste bears the management cost and has the primary responsibility for managing them either until their physical decay to the statutory clearance levels, or transferring them to an authorized radioactive waste management facility within or outside the country.
  • The National Facility of Interim Storage and Management of Radioactive Waste (EEPADRA). A radioactive waste management facility shall be designated as the National Facility of Interim Storage and Management of Radioactive Waste. In addition to the interim storage and management of radioactive waste, the EEPADRA shall be responsible for and undertake the interim storage and proper management - until reaching a settlement for their final management - of all orphan radioactive sources and materials, whose management is deemed by the EEAE necessary for radiation protection, safety and nuclear protection reasons. 
  • The public, which is kept informed on the activities related to spent fuel and radioactive waste management and participates in the decision making through consultation procedures. 


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