Approval of the laboratories carrying out analysis of drinking water

According to the legislation (par. 3, Article 7, Decision P/112/1057/2016/02.01.2016 establishing health protection requirements of the population by radioactive substances in drinking water, Official Gazette Folio No.241/B/02.09.2016, in compliance with Directive 2013/51/Euratom) the analysis of drinking water can be performed by EEAE laboratories, as well as by approved laboratories for such purpose.

Based on the above Decision, laboratories interested to be approved should submit to EEAE the following documents:

  1. Application with full details of the legal person-owner of the laboratory (name, address, contact, VAT number etc.).
  2. A copy of the certificate and scope of accreditation according to ISO 17025 standards, issued by the respective national accreditation body that is recognized by the European Accreditation Organisation. The laboratory is obliged to comply with the latest standards of the respective accreditation field.
  3. Brief description of the analytical technique used to detect the total alpha/beta radiation and uranium isotopes (U-238, U-234), and the minimum of the detection limits.
  4. Recent intercomparison results.
  5. Declaration from the legal representative of the laboratory owner that they shall submit to EEAE:

1. their client 's application regarding the issuance of the certificate and

2. the results of the measurements. The results shall be given in the format (XX ± YY) mBq/L and the extended uncertainty for each measurement shall be at 95% confidence level.

The validity period of the approval is 2 years. The approval can be renewed. 

Currently, the approved by the EEAE laboratories are the following: