Telemetric network of environmental radioactivity monitoring

The telemetric environmental radioactivity monitoring network consists of two sub-systems: the network of total-gamma in air measurements and the network of atmospheric aerosol measurements.

• the network of total-gamma in air measurement consists of 24 dose rate monitoring stations throughout the country. Alarm is recorded when the rate values of total-γ in air exceed pre-specified values. The measurements are transferred to the central management station where are recorded in a database.
• the network of the measurements of the aerosol in the atmosphere consists of 3 monitoring stations located in Northern Greece (Alexandroupolis, Serres, Ptolemaida). These stations perform measurements of natural and artificial alpha and beta radiation, as well as gamma spectrometry to detect artificial isotopes e.g. Cs-137, I-131. The measurements are integrated every 30 minutes and are recorded in a database at the central station of the network.

All monitoring stations work continuously, 24 hours, 365 days a year. The mean daily values are available at EEAE website, as well as at the European Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP).

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