Enforcement policy

According to the provisions of article 46, Law no. 4310/2014, in case of an infringement of radiation protection regulations, the legislation in force or the regulatory actions issued by their authority, and upon previous hearing of the stakeholders, EEAE may impose one or more of the following penalties:

a) a recommendation or
b) a fine, ranging from ten thousand (€10,000) to four hundred thousand (€400,000) euro, depending on the frequency or/and the severity of the infringement,
c) a proposal for - or, as the case may be - an actual recall of operation of each ionizing or non-ionizing radiation installation, or an amendment or withdrawal of its license, whenever a non-abidance by the applicable regulations or/and a serious infringement of the license terms provided is identified.

In cases of systematic and repetitive infringement of the legislative framework and the other terms under which the legally provided licenses are awarded, EEAE, or the competent Minister (in case that the license is awarded under a ministerial decision), upon a proposal by EEAE, may temporarily or permanently recall such a license.

The same article also provides for the penalties to be imposed in detail.