Calibration for individual monitoring purposes

The calibration of personal dosemeters (TLDs,films, active personal dosemeters, pencil-dosemeters) is performed by irradiating them at user-specified dose levels.

Dosimetric quantities

  • Personal Dose Equivalent Hp (10) (Sv)
  • Personal Dose Equivalent Hp (0,07) (Sv)
  • Expanded uncertainty (*): u=5,2% at 95% CL (k=2)

 (*) Best measurement capability

 Radiation Sources

  • 137Cs, STS - OB6 (740 GBq – February 1999)
  • OB34 with 3 60Co (3,7, 25.9 & 37MBq) & 4 137Cs (7,4, 74, 740, 7400 MBq – Feb. 1999) sources.

 Qualities of energies used

  •  Energy 137Cs (S-Cs)
  •  Energy 60Co (S-Co)


 PTB ( Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) through IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria)


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